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Our Approach

We specialize in holding space and professional therapeutic massage delivered through light-medium/semi firm pressure with a focus on calming the nervous system.

We believe that even though you’re not feeling your best, you’re not broken. We don’t seek to fix you, and instead create space where the Body can be honored just as it is.

We work with clients looking for therapeutic massage that don’t want to sacrifice relaxation. Our sessions focus on calming your nervous system, which often leads to reduced muscle pain. We utilize soothing and stress relieving techniques to address the Body as a whole and allow it to heal itself. 

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Why do we work with light-medium pressure?

We work with the body as a whole. Even though you may feel pain in one area of the body, something else could contribute. Each session, we start by helping the body to relax and allow your nervous system to move into a calm state. Once the body feels safe to let go, we then begin to access the deeper layers of muscle and areas holding onto knots and tension. 

How much pressure do I need for the massage to be effective?

The amount of pressure is different for everyone and can even differ from session to session. Areas holding onto more tension could be sensitive but never to the point of tensing up or changing your normal breathing pattern. 

Should my massage hurt?

While some areas may be tender, the entire massage does not need to be painful to be effective; too much pressure can sometimes be counter-productive. When we use intense pressure, this can cause the body to tense up. When the body is tense, this can cause other problems in the body. This style of massage can also cause bruising and intense soreness for a few days after.

We work with you to find a comfortable pressure that focuses on helping the muscles let go. Once the body relaxes, the deeper layers become more accessible without the need for intense pressure. 

What does the nervous system have to do with massage?

The nervous system is the body's major controlling, regulatory, and communicating system. When we live under stress or anxiety, the nervous system can become overactive and even cause tight muscles. We work to help the nervous system move into a calm state to help bring your body into balance.

What is the difference between Deep Tissue and Deep Pressure?

Many people interchange the terms “deep tissue” and “deep pressure” when discussing their preferred massage style. Some assume that using maximum pressure is the only way to alleviate pain. However, the two techniques are quite different and have very distinct goals.

Deep pressure refers to the amount of pressure the massage therapist uses during the entirety of the session.

Deep tissue works through the muscle tissues layer by layer to address the underline cause of pain by focusing on problem areas. Deep tissue does not require intense pressure to be effective. While some areas may be tender, pain is not necessary. 

What do I do if I experience pain in my session?

Let your therapist know. We want you to feel comfortable and safe to let us know if you experience any pain or discomfort. We are always happy to adjust at any time.

How often should I get a massage?

Everyone has different goals with massage therapy. Typically we find that coming in every 4-6 weeks is good with maintenance. If you have an issue that you want to address, you might want to come in more often. We encourage you to listen to your body. It knows best, and we are happy to make a recommendation at the end of your session. 

What about aftercare?

Drink plenty of water. This helps to flush out any toxins that were released during the massage.

And stretching can reduce soreness and extend the massage benefits.