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True Massage

Where Intuition lights the path

Welcome to True Massage

We create a calm environment for you to slow down and put your healing first. We work with you to create a session that is soothing and functional for your body to heal. 

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Certified Massage Therapist/ Owner

I have been a massage therapist for 10 years. Throughout my experience, I've learned how to intuitively create sessions for clients that are looking for a blend of pain relief, stress reduction, and want to decompress. I understand that most of us have endless to-do lists and feel stretched thin and exhausted. I strive to create a nurturing space and use my experience and intuition to address both mental and physical fatigue. If you are seeking a massage therapist that can effectively balance results with relaxation, I'd love to see you in the studio.

My style: I use soothing techniques to help your nervous system move into a calm state. I've learned that once your body feels safe to let go, deeper muscles become more accessible, and using a medium/firm pressure, we can address areas holding on to tension. My intuitive style of massage is most beneficial for those seeking a therapeutic massage, but don't want to sacrifice relaxation. My biggest hope is that you leave with a feeling of ease and lightness. 

I believe that it's relaxation is a significant part of an effective massage and don't believe in the idea that the more pressure is the only way to get results. My pressure ranges from light-medium/firm to allow the body to let go.

If you're looking for a massage therapist who utilizes deep pressure, I am more than happy to refer you to someone that can address your needs.