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Massage Services 

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Your session will begin with a consultation and intake with your Massage Therapist where together you’ll go over your health history and discuss your goals for the massage. There is time both before and after your session to answer questions or address any concerns.

Our Method: We specialize in holding space and professional therapeutic massage delivered through light-medium/semi firm pressure with a focus on calming the entire body and mind.

Please read over our policies here.

Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes $70

1 Hour $120

90 Minutes $170

Designed to help bring your body into a healthy balance by calming your nervous system, which often leads to reduced muscle pain. We utilize soothing and stress relieving techniques to address the Body as a whole and allow it to heal itself. We work together with you to create a session and after care plan that feels sustainable. 

Prenatal Massage

30 Minutes $70

1 Hour $120

A speciality massage for the mother to be as the body goes through the changes of pregnancy. We focus on enhancing the function of muscles and joints, provide relief to achey spots, improve circulation and reduce stress. This session consists of gentle, soothing massage while the client lays on their side and holds comfort pillows for support.


75 Minutes $145

90 Minutes $180

A therapeutic massage with an additional 15 minutes of Decompression Cupping.

Cupping therapy focuses on myofascial decompression. The cups are placed on the area of tension to create gentle suction on the muscles and soft tissue. This works to increase blood supply to the area, relieve muscle tension and release trigger points . Cupping therapy generally leaves red circles on the skin for 1-7 days.

CBD Massage

1 Hour $140

90 Minutes $190

Elevate your therapeutic session by pairing the benefits of CBD with a soothing massage. We use a CBD infused massage oil throughout your session and add our cooling CBD cream to a specific area that needs more focus. We find the addition of this product delivers longer lasting relief without needing firm pressure. Our CBD contains 0.0% THC.


90 Minutes $200

When you want it all! This 90-minute session focuses on restoring the body to a healthy balance by using calming, therapeutic techniques, decompression cupping to the back, CBD balm to an area needing more attention, and light stretching throughout the massage.


90 Minutes $200

This 90-minute session is the ultimate in helping your body to move into a relaxed state. A therapeutic massage that uses soothing, gentle techniques along with aromatherapy. Warm stones on the back, and ends with a 15-minute foot scrub.




Aromatherapy enhances your massage experience with the addition of your choice of essential oil blends.

Grounding Foot Scrub

No time added $10

Add 15 Minutes $25

We end your massage with 15 minutes of a foot massage and add an exfoliating foot scrub and warm towels.

Cooling CBD Topical Cream


This CBD cream takes the hot and cold sensation of menthol and elevates your massage experience. We add CBD cream to a specific area that you would like more attention on. Our CBD cream contains 0.0% THC.



We add CBD infused oils to your massage session. Our CBD oil contains 0.0% THC.